A short magical realist comedy about two cupids who team up to conquer one of the hardest challenges of all - getting two humans to talk to each other.

Shown in over twenty film festivals around the world you can find out more on the Cupids page.

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50 Kisses

A short comedy about a guy too scared to ask a woman out.

Last Chance was selected from over 1500 scripts to be part of the 50 Kisses feature film. The film won a Guinness World Record for the most screenwriters on a film.

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Short Film Scripts



An aspiring pornographer suffers a strange visual hallucination - censored boxes over the naughty bits of his cast. A psychiatrist helps him go down a curative a path of self-discovery about his past, but one he may well regret

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god says hi

A man on the brink of suicide is saved by something miraculous… a leaflet falling from the sky titled “God cares”, with a phone number. After calling it a strange man appears at his door, but does God really care?

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Man and VAn

An unhappily married power couple get kidnapped by a man and van driver trying to diversify. However, he’s kidnapped the wrong couple, although that doesn’t mean they can’t use the situation to their own advantage.

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feature and radio scripts



Edna Ryan is in her seventies when her ailing husband passes away. Now a widow with lots of time on her hands she devotes herself to finding her son a wife, until he comes out to her that he’s gay. Not to be putt of Edna heads off into gayland to find her son a man instead, but ends up finding one for herself.

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Dr toil and the two headed woman

Comedy radio play about a psychiatrist who is hired by both personalities of a woman with multiple-personality disorder to remove the other. He must uncover which personality to treat and which to remove, whilst charging both



Other Short Films


A woman grieving for her mother goes to see a psychic, with unexpected results

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The biggest threat to Dan & Beth’s relationship is what’s in Dan’s pocket - she isn’t just Smart, she’s in love and jealous.

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