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Cupids is a magical-realist comedy exploring the idea that every person who is single has an invisible cupid with the job of finding them a match.

Cupids has been shown in over twenty festivals and won Best Script and Best Film at the IL Festival 2018 (London) and best European Film at the Assurdo Festival (Italy). It was also nominated for Best World Short at Soho International Film Festival (New York).

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Best short at the Italian Assurdo festival
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I was heavily involved all the way from pre-production to distribution of Cupids. Working closely with the director, Angelo Calarco, we planned the crowdfunding strategy together and appeared jointly in many of our videos throughout the campaign. During filming I was on set and gave notes during post production.

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Angelo and I in a video for our first crowd funding campaign, Save the Cupids, which raised £4.5k for production

Our second campaign, Raise the Cupids, raised funds for post-production

Our second campaign, Raise the Cupids, which raised funds for post-production

Angelo and I appeared together in the Making Of video for the Cupids DVD. You can watch the Making Of here.

Cupids featured in an episode of the Imperfect Podcast. Click above to listen

Several streaming services have picked up Cupids for distribution including Amazon Prime. It was also chosen by the Spiritual Cinema Circle for their monthly DVD.

CUPIDS does a beautiful job of holding up a mirror to our flaws, and showing us the counterproductive silliness of our actions. We are so pleased we were able to license CUPIDS for our members, and are sure they will love it when we send it to them in February
— Spiritual Cinema Circle